Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Tree outing

There's a toddler in the house!

Today we decided to  get our Christmas tree, and in the mean time I got a little Christmas spirit.   Here are a few pictures.
This year is Piper's second Christmas, and Angie and I are really looking forward to sharing and enjoying this beautiful season with our sweet little girl.   She was only a few months old last time around and of course had no idea how much fun it all is.  
      Last year on Christmas morning, she kind of just sat there while Ang and I exchanged our gifts, and wasn't offended in the least that her stocking was completely empty.    (I think in 2007 Santa brought infant diapers and formula)

In fact, I don't think that it will be until next year or the year after that it will all make sense with the  realization of Santa Claus, and his eight tiny reindeer, or  for her first time, hearing the true story of baby Jesus in the manger, and the real miracle that is Christmas.

This year should be a lot of fun though. 
I think that Christmas 2008 will go down in our family lore as the "Christmas of Destruction" as that Piper is highly skilled at breaking stuff! 

Every time you turn around she wants to smash an iPod or throw a new digital camera down the stairs.  I have a stack of important Church papers that always end up in her clutches, torn, slobbered on and strangely smelling like bananas.  So... with Christmas just a few weeks away I don't think that fragile ornaments on the tree, or beautifully wrapped packages stand a chance against the lovable whirlwind that we call Piper.

Having a genuine toddler around has been one of the funnest things that I have ever experienced.  Every day is such a new adventure for her. It seems like she never gets tired of Dad giving her a bubble bath after a fun game of "Throw the spaghetti sauce on the carpet" or Momma reading her stories, Grandma giving her loves and kisses, Riding on daddy's shoulders, or pitching my steel toed work boots at the new TV set
One of Piper's special talents is that she speaks her own foreign language that nobody can understand but her. What a vocabulary! If only we had a clue as to what she is saying.   Although, I have recently deciphered some of her words.... 
  tinkeebobo = I just messed my diaper Dad, would you mind taking care of it for me.
  Money Money Money  = Will you please play the "Finding Nemo" dvd 
                             (She says money in place of nemo)  (and she may be dyslexic)
Anyway, we have a lot of fun times to look forward to in the next few weeks. Break out the gift wrap, and the Nat King Cole,  Christmas will be here before you know it!     Ryan

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Go Utes!

We had to hang the Utah flag last Saturday for the big game against BYU.
The Utes killed em.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is all new

 I guess I am now an official trendy blogger. It seems like just about everyone we know has their own fancy web page, with ACTUAL digital images of ribbons and bows, and while we don't have a whole lot to write about in our new blog such as exotic vacations and such, maybe once and a while I will be the proud daddy and show off some baby pictures and let the world in on what our family is up to.  My wife Angie has been wanting me to create a page like this to share with our friends so this is my first attempt.

About our blog name...  

"1 House 3 Beds" is a reference to the sleeping arrangements at the Wolthuis home. My wife Angie is usually sprawled out in the up-stairs bedroom's giant King size bed
all to herself. Just across the hall our sweet little One year old daughter Piper has her own luxury baby suite that she sleeps in. So the room that I am left with is down three flights of stairs in the cold and lonely basement. Just kidding!  it's not that cold. 
When we got married five years ago I had no idea that I snore like a chainsaw. Angie on the other hand is a very light and peaceful sleeper, so with me sawing logs all night long, you will have to trust that while we do love each other, our crazy combination in the same bed just does'nt make for a happy wife in the morning. Hence... 
1 House 3 Beds

Feel free to tune in periodically to see what we are up to. Ryan, Angie & Piper Wolthuis