Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mud on the tires

Well, it's springtime in Montana. It has been our family tradition since I was a Boyscout to load up the Wagoneer, Landcruiser, Pathfinder, Suburban or Range Rover and enjoy some early season fishing in "Big sky country"  It seems like it is also family tradition to be stranded on a dirt road a few hundred miles from home and/or up to our collective necks in cold water or mud. This year we kept the tradition alive!! and as well as every other time, it was a Duesey!  My Dad, myself and two brothers were all set for a long sunny day on the Beaverhead. The sky was clear and warm, the jagged mountain peaks were still blanketed with snow, and on opening day the Browns would be biting! You see, I come from a bold family heritage that doesn't follow convention or common sense for that matter, they don't have fishing on the Moon, but we still like to chase the trout where no man has gone before. To get to our favorite spot, requires getting a little mud on the tires!             It's one of those things that in the moment you want to walk all the way back home, but when it's all over and I look back we still had an awesome time enjoying each others company, catching a few big ones, eating an great steak dinner and breathing the clear mountain air. Ryan

Spring fishing '09

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I was in church about a month ago when a member of the ward asked me about the goings on in our family. What we were doing and such. I told him how we were soon leaving for Hawaii for a family vacation, and we would be staying at my wife's uncle's vacation home on Kona, and I asked if he happened to know Rod. (Angie's uncle) He said... you mean... Poor, Poor Rod. 
Well, we got to Hawaii and it all makes sense. 
We were the guests of our now favorite uncle and aunt Rod and MaryAnn Garner. We had the most wonderful time in their home in Hawaii, Such a beautiful and comfortable place We can't thank them enough. Here's some pictures from our Hawaii trip.

Hawaii pictures