Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I miss you Billy

Four years ago today, (Feb 4, 2005)  my Uncle and friend Bill Brown died of brain cancer.
When I returned from my mission, Bill pulled some strings and got me a job, and
I had the privilege to work with Bill for 13 years at Fresenius Medical Care. 
That's a lot of years in the same building together, day in day out, and  I can tell you that 
Bill was loved by a lot of people. I still get questions from Bill's friends at Fresenius wanting to know how his family is doing. I now work in the same shop that Bill managed for the Molding Department, and four years later, it's still a common occurrence when a James Taylor tune is heard on the radio, for four grown men to slow down their work and with a few tears in our eyes,  remember of our friend Bill.